Afghanistan’s Ali Reza Asaahi secures gold at World Bodybuilding Championships

Afghanistan’s Ali Reza Asahi achieved an unprecedented triumph, clinching the gold medal in the senior category at the World Bodybuilding Championships held in Seoul this week.

Announcing the groundbreaking victory on Thursday, the Afghanistan Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (AFBBF) shared on social media that Asahi demonstrated his prowess in the fiercely competitive 90 kg category.

Notably, he outshone formidable contenders hailing from China, Japan, India, and South Korea.

This gold medal not only marks a personal achievement for Asahi but also stands as a historic moment for Afghanistan, as it represents the nation’s first-ever gold at the World Bodybuilding Championships, hosted this year by South Korea.

The World Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships featured participants from a staggering 40 countries, with Afghanistan being represented by a trio of exceptional athletes. Asahi’s remarkable feat contributes not only to his personal legacy but also adds a new chapter to Afghanistan’s growing presence on the global bodybuilding stage.