Faiq urges swift action to avert mass expulsion of Afghan migrants in Pakistan

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In a plea for immediate intervention, Naseer Ahmad Faiq, the chargé d’affaires of Afghanistan’s permanent mission to the UN, has called for urgent measures to confront the impending expulsion of Afghan migrants by Pakistan’s caretaker government.

As the November 1 deadline looms for the eviction of Afghan nationals, the international community faces mounting pressure to address the crisis.

Despite the chorus of voices from human rights organizations and international entities, Pakistani officials have remained steadfast in their commitment to forcibly deport over 1.7 million Afghan individuals.

In a post on X, Faiq expressed his deep concern over Pakistan’s expulsion of Afghan migrants and its apparent violation of international human rights agreements.

In a direct appeal to European Union and United Nations officials, he implored them to tackle the looming humanitarian challenge and safeguard the vulnerable lives of Afghan migrants.

Pakistan’s caretaker Interior Minister, Sarfraz Bugti, issued a stern warning to unregistered Afghan migrants during a press conference.

He stated that these migrants must leave Pakistan, or they will face forced deportation after November 1.

According to him, the deportation process is expected to occur in two to three rounds each week.

In the wake of the impending deadline, UN agencies have reported a surge in the return of Afghan migrants to their homeland from Pakistan.

Meanwhile, human rights organizations have raised alarm bells, asserting that the forced expulsion of Afghan migrants could place the lives of these individuals at risk, particularly those who fled their country due to threats from the Taliban.

Previously, UN experts, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the UN High Commission for Human Rights jointly urged Islamabad to reconsider its decision and prioritize the safety and well-being of Afghan migrants.