Afghanistan: Earthquake survivors spend night outdoors

In the aftermath of the earthquakes that struck the Zindajan district of Herat, survivors endured a night in the open, beside their loved ones who tragically lost their lives in the devastation that affected approximately 15 villages in the area.

Many residents reported the complete destruction of their homes and the loss of “everything.” Following the initial earthquake, a series of aftershocks prompted numerous residents of Herat to seek refuge on the streets and in parks.

Ali Ahmad, a Herat resident, shared, “The people are frightened. They have vacated their homes. Some have opted to sleep outside their rooms, even though their houses remain intact.”

Abdul Satar, another Herat resident, expressed concern about the recurring earthquakes in the province. “There have been four earthquakes. People rushed to the streets, fearing their homes might collapse. In a park, we witnessed around 4,000 to 5,000 people who had gathered and set up tents. We sat there until late at night amidst dust and anxiety.”

However, the residents of Zindajan found themselves particularly vulnerable as they spent the night mourning the loss of their loved ones.

Nafas Gul, an individual who tragically lost her entire family in the earthquake, recounted her devastating experience. “Three families among us were wiped out. All of them were killed—my brother, nephew, father, and everyone else. We are devastated.”

Meanwhile, residents of Herat voiced their concerns about the lack of essential facilities and appealed to the international community and international aid organizations for assistance.

The earthquake in Herat stands as one of the deadliest in Afghanistan’s history.