Afghanistan’s embassy in Spain ‘engages’ with Taliban for ‘enhanced consular services’

Afghanistan’s embassy in Spain released a statement on Friday, indicating its “engagement” with the Taliban’s foreign ministry in Kabul to facilitate “improved consulate services” for Afghanistan’s citizens.

As part of this engagement, the embassy has been dispatching the necessary consular documents to the Taliban’s foreign ministry in Afghanistan’s capital.

This action follows a similar move undertaken by Afghanistan’s embassy in the Netherlands.

However, a source within the Council of Republic Ambassadors revealed that Asif Rahimi, Afghanistan’s ambassador to the Netherlands, and Rahim Pirzada, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Spain, have faced expulsion from the council due to their involvement in meetings with Taliban officials, including the Taliban’s foreign minister.

The Council of Republic Ambassadors comprises 23 members.

The source further disclosed that the Taliban has been establishing contact with Afghanistan’s ambassadors in various countries, urging them to issue notices confirming their communication with the Taliban’s foreign ministry in Kabul.

Additionally, in certain instances, these ambassadors have been offered incentives, according to the source.

The ambassador of Afghanistan in Spain did not respond to inquiries from an Amu reporter.