South Asia

Envoy says TTP should be dismantled or sent back to Pakistan

Pakistan’s special envoy to Afghanistan, Asif Ali Durrani, addressed a conference in Islamabad on Thursday, expressing deep concerns regarding the activities of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and saying that the group should either be repatriated to Pakistan or neutralized.

The conference, titled “International Conference, Navigating Peace and Security in the Region and Beyond: Pakistan’s Role,” was organized by the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad.

Durrani underscored, “The TTP attacks on Pakistan along the borders have increased.” He further noted that TTP members “are finding refuge on Afghan soil.”

While acknowledging the complexities involved, Durrani stated, “I cannot blame the government in Afghanistan at the moment. However, we, as Pakistan, expect that the peace they have achieved within their own territory should also contribute to stability in our border regions. Those TTP individuals seeking refuge in Afghanistan should either be returned to Pakistan or rendered ineffective.”

He highlighted that TTP fighters are “equipped with modern weaponry,” including “M16s left behind by the United States,” and Pakistan is bearing the brunt of their activities.

According to Durrani, a substantial number of people, around 30,000, travel from Afghanistan to Pakistan daily.

While the Taliban has denied the presence of TTP fighters in Afghanistan, Pakistan maintains that recent attacks are being perpetrated by Afghan nationals with links to TTP members.