Afghanistan ranks 2nd in world on emergency levels of hunger chart: WFP

The World Food Programme placed Afghanistan among the top 10 countries in the world with over one million of its people suffering from emergency levels of hunger.

According to a graphic chart, which WFP Afghanistan released on its X account, Sudan with 6.26 million people facing 4th phase hunger by early August 2023, is at the top of the table, followed by Afghanistan with 6.08 million people.

According to the chart, Democratic Republic of Congo has 3.38 million people; in South Sudan, 2.90 million people; in Bangladesh, 2.22 million people; in Pakistan 2.21 million people; in Haiti 1.81 million people; in Kenya 1.22 and in Nigeria, 1.14 million people are experiencing emergency levels of hunger.

“These are not the records we want to break,” WFP vowed.

Earlier, WFP’s regional director for Asia and the Pacific, John Aylieff, called on the international community not to walk away from Afghanistan and said that donors “must step up for the sake of humanity.”

He also raised concerns about the funding gap for the WFP, saying that it faces an unprecedented funding crisis and “we need 1 billion dollars to sustain 15 million people through this winter.”

The organization also warned that it has forced us to cut 10 million people from life-saving assistance because of the funding crisis.