Taliban develops ‘concrete plan’ to curtail TTP activities in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Asif Durrani, confirmed on Friday that the Taliban has devised a “comprehensive plan” to “neutralize” the activities of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) within Afghanistan.

In a chat with Amu, Durrani revealed that this significant development emerged during his meeting with Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister, Amir Muttaqi, and senior Taliban security officials in Kabul on Thursday.

The primary focus of the entire meeting centered on addressing the TTP issue, as Durrani stated, emphasizing that the Taliban was made aware of Pakistan’s serious concerns regarding the TTP’s use of Afghan territory for actions against Pakistan.

Durrani reported that the Taliban has pledged concrete measures to hinder TTP activities within Afghanistan’s borders.

Furthermore, he stated, “Both nations are also formulating a plan to enhance security measures along the border regions, which will be an ongoing effort.”

This marks Durrani’s second visit to Afghanistan, following his trip in July during which he held discussions with various Taliban officials.

This comes as Pakistani authorities have on many occasions raised their deep concerns over what they call the “threat of TTP activities in Afghanistan” to the security of Pakistan.