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Uzbek president emphasizes Afghanistan’s impact on Central Asian security

Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev addressed the 5th Central Asian Summit in Dushanbe, highlighting the critical role of Afghanistan’s situation in shaping security and stability in Central Asia.

Mirziyoyev stressed the importance of “continuous and open dialogue with the current authorities of Afghanistan” and the integration of Afghanistan into the region’s economic processes.

“The situation in Afghanistan is one of the most important factors directly affecting security and stability in Central Asia,” he emphasized.

Uzbekistan reaffirmed its commitment to assisting the Afghan people by providing an international hub in Termiz for humanitarian aid and maintaining a specialized educational center to train Afghanistan citizens. Additionally, Mirziyoyev expressed support for the Trans-Afghan Railway project and emphasized the significance of restoring Afghanistan’s internal transport routes.

In addition to these efforts, the Uzbek leader underscored the importance of engaging in dialogue with Afghanistan on matters related to border security, water usage, and trade development.

“Cooperation with the Afghan authorities must be based on a common understanding of our interests and be mutually agreed upon,” he asserted.

Mirziyoyev proposed the establishment of a dialogue group at the level of special representatives from Central Asian countries to address Afghanistan-related issues collectively.

During the same summit, Tajikistan President Imomali Rahmon also voiced concerns about the increased terrorist activity in Afghanistan.