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Putin backs ‘Regional Contact Group’ for Afghanistan

President Vladimir Putin announced Russia’s support for a “Regional Contact Group” to address issues in Afghanistan, speaking at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit.

“We believe it is true that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has traditionally been closely involved in Afghanistan’s problems,” Putin said. “We support the idea of resuming the activities of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization-Afghanistan Contact Group. We think this will help further normalize the situation in this country.”

Putin also emphasized the importance of Moscow’s relationship with the Taliban during a recent visit to Uzbekistan. He acknowledged the Taliban’s control in Afghanistan, stating, “Afghanistan has issues that are undeniable and known to everyone. How to engage with the current power is another question.”

This statement follows earlier indications from Russian officials that Moscow is considering removing the Taliban from its list of terrorist organizations, a potential shift that has sparked reactions from the international community, particularly the United States.