Taliban condemns Pakistan for shutting Torkham crossing after clashes

People waiting to cross the Torkham crossing to Pakistan. File photo

The Taliban’s foreign ministry issued a statement on Sunday criticizing Pakistan for the closure of the Torkham crossing, labeling it as “detrimental to good neighborly relations” and warning of adverse consequences for trade ties between the two nations and the region.

The Taliban asserted that Pakistan instigated the border conflict last Wednesday, alleging that their forces were engaged in the reconstruction of a security outpost near the Torkham crossing when they came under fire from Pakistani forces.

Additionally, the Taliban accused Pakistani Taliban elements of obstructing the movement of commercial goods at the port of Karachi, asserting that Pakistan frequently closes border crossings “under various pretexts,” often coinciding with the harvest season for agricultural products and fruits.

In pursuit of enhancing trade and facilitating the transport of commercial goods, the Taliban has called for a resolution of these issues through diplomatic dialogue.

Last Wednesday, the Torkham crossing once again witnessed a clash between the Taliban and the Pakistani military, resulting in the deaths of four Afghan children and one Taliban member. Reports indicate that four Pakistani civilians sustained injuries during the conflict.