Kunar farmers paint grim picture of flood-damaged province

Farmers in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan are grappling with the aftermath of recent floods that wreaked havoc on their agricultural lands.

The impact of these floods extends beyond the farms, as water canals and vital infrastructure have also suffered extensive damage.

As they work to recover from this disaster, farmers are reaching out to aid organizations for support in rebuilding critical infrastructure such as bridges and culverts that have been destroyed by the floods.

The historically significant Salar Canal in Kunar province, once a lifeline for irrigating vast stretches of farmland, was also damaged in the recent rainfall and flooding. The destruction of parts of this canal has compounded the challenges faced by farmers.

One of the affected farmers, Gul Rahman, spoke out about the destruction. “The floods, rains, and hailstones left a trail of destruction, impacting not just one area but dozens.”

Farmers also appealed for aid organizations to collaborate in reconstructing the damaged water canals.

“The entire community is urging the government to consider and address the demands of the people and the community for the construction of protective walls and other necessary measures,” said Mia Alrasool, another farmer in Kunar.

The Taliban provincial officials have also acknowledged the severity of the situation.

Dost Mohammad Hanafi, the Taliban’s head of Kunar’s agriculture department, affirmed the Taliban’s commitment to address the issues: “We are collaborating with the disaster management authority and local municipalities in the province. We have received support and cooperation from various organizations.”

The flooding has not only caused damage in Kunar, but also destroyed agricultural lands in many other provinces.

In addition to the flooding, northern provinces of the country have been grappling with insect attacks, particularly by locusts, exacerbating the challenges faced by the agricultural sector.