Taliban’s education ministry says about 1.3 million girls affected by school ban

A girls class at a school in the city of Kandahar. Sept. 2022. File photo.

The Taliban’s ministry of education said that approximately 1.3 million female students have been affected by the closure of schools, a situation that has affected all girls above Grade 6 for two years.

The ministry stated that over 10.189 million students, including four million girls, are currently being educated across 18,000 schools in Afghanistan.

The ministry, however, refrained from providing specific details about the timeline for reopening girls’ schools.

Karamatullah Khairkhah, the Taliban’s deputy education minister, said there are currently 14,000 active religious schools across Afghanistan, with over 330,950 individuals engaged in religious studies, including 2,808 females.

He also said Taliban scholars for Islamic studies were being recruited.

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s ministry of higher education said that efforts are also being made to reopen universities for girls and women.

According to the ministry, currently, 400,000 male students are enrolled in universities across the country, and endeavors are ongoing to create opportunities for female students.

The ministry added that it was seeking “appropriate solutions” for the reopening of universities for girls.

“We have announced six thousand vacancies for all public universities across the country. Around 200 to 250 [lecturers] have left from all universities of the country,” said Lutfullah Khairkhah the Taliban’s deputy higher education minister.

However, questions remain regarding the reopening of girls’ schools, but the exact timeline for implementing plans to reopen schools for women and girls has not been revealed.