Taliban issues work permits to 1,500 foreign citizens in past year

The Taliban-controlled Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on Sunday announced that work permits have been issued to 1,500 foreign citizens over the past year, all of whom work in various sectors.

The ministry said vocational training programs have been held for at least 44,000 people during this time. They also stated the ministry has issued nearly 52,500 work permits to local investors in the country.

Based on ministry information, so far, it has signed an agreement with 50 supporting organizations that work in the technical and professional education sectors.

Some Taliban officials at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs said that there technical and professional training programs are being conducted for drug addicts.

The United Nations and the World Bank have in the past raised concerns about the increase in unemployment in Afghanistan. Based on these reports, after the Taliban takeover, a large number of Afghanistan’s citizens, especially women and girls, lost their jobs.