Afghanistan futsal team holds Mozambique to a draw

In a second riveting match within the backdrop of the Intercontinental Cup, hosted by Thailand, Afghanistan’s national futsal team clashed against Mozambique’s counterpart, culminating in a 2-2 draw on Tuesday.

The preceding day witnessed Afghanistan’s national futsal team lock horns with the Czech Republic’s team, resulting in another exhilarating tie at 4-4.

Sitting at the 20th spot in the global futsal rankings, the Czech Republic posed a formidable challenge for Afghanistan’s team.

Bolstered by their commendable performance in yesterday’s game, Afghanistan’s futsal national team has ascended two ranks in the world standings. With this achievement, Afghanistan now claims the 62nd spot globally and secures the 12th position in Asia.

The forthcoming destiny of Afghanistan’s national futsal team in this tournament hinges on the outcome of tomorrow’s match between the Czech Republic and Mozambique. Should the Czech Republic triumph, Afghanistan will advance to the cup’s subsequent phase as the second qualifying team.

The team’s standout players, Mehran Gholami and Ali Amiri, succeeded in scoring goals during this match.