Pen Path seeks release of activist Matiullah Wesa

Education activist Matiullah Wesa.

The Pen Path Foundation, along with its administration and volunteers, has expressed deep concern over the continued detention of Matiullah Wesa, an education activist and founder of the organization.

In a statement released on Monday, PenPath highlighted that Wesa has been held in custody for 114 days.

The statement said that Afghanistan’s tribal leaders, scholars and the people have repeatedly questioned the legality of his detainment.

Despite the recent transfer of his case from the Taliban’s General Directorate of Intelligence to the Taliban’s Ministry of Interior’s Criminal Offense Division, his release should have been ensured by now, asked the statement.

PenPath emphasizes that according to the Constitution, Wesa is entitled to all basic rights.

His case should be evaluated in light of Islamic and international laws, ensuring transparency and fairness, said the statement. Adding that detailed information about his health and condition should be promptly provided.

The foundation raised questions about the prolonged confinement of Wesa in “undisclosed locations”, urging authorities to provide an explanation for this matter.

“It is crucial to address the concerns surrounding his situation and respect his rights,” said the statement.

Pen Path called upon Taliban to prevent all forms of injustice and fulfill their duty “to protect the vulnerable children of their Muslim nation.”

Wesa was arrested by the Taliban from a mosque near his home in Khoshal Khan in the west of Kabul on March 27.