Rights watchdog calls for global action against Taliban

Amnesty International has called on the international community and regional countries to take action and address the crimes committed by the Taliban against humanity.

The human rights watchdog has urged countries to utilize their authority to hold Taliban members accountable for their actions regarding women’s rights.

The organization’s appeal comes two weeks after the release of Amnesty International’s report, which highlighted the need for the International Criminal Court to investigate the Taliban’s crimes against humanity.

These crimes include the prohibition of women’s education, the detention of women, and the suppression of women’s protests.

“Countries, including regional ones, must make use of their global jurisdiction to address the crimes against humanity committed by Taliban members who are accused of these crimes,” said Zaman Sultani, a reporter for Amnesty International.

Meanwhile, women’s movement protesters and women’s rights activists also called on the international community to prioritize and advocate for the rights of Afghan women.

They expressed disappointment with the perceived lack of necessary pressure on the Taliban and the disregard for their discriminatory policies.

Afghan analysts have called on the International Court in The Hague to investigate the Taliban’s discriminatory policies against women, labeling them as “crimes against humanity.”

The report also suggested that The Hague Court could have direct access to evidence and victims of the Taliban’s crimes, enabling a comprehensive examination of the violations.