Trudeau announces more military aid as Zelenskiy says counter attacks ‘under way’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday announced C$500 million ($375 million) worth of military aid for Kyiv and said Canada would take part in a multinational effort to train Ukrainian fighter pilots.

Trudeau also told a press conference in Kyiv alongside Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that Canada was seizing a Russian-owned Antonov cargo aircraft that landed in Canada last year and starting the process of forfeiting the aircraft to Ukraine.

Zelenskiy told reporters counteroffensive and defensive operations were taking place in Ukraine, but that he would not say what stage they were at.

The Ukrainian president shrugged and raised his eyebrows dismissively when asked to respond after Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Kyiv forces had certainly begun their much-vaunted counteroffensive.

Trudeau was visiting Kyiv in a gesture of support as Ukraine braces for the major counteroffensive against Russian forces and grapples with regular air strikes.

Trudeau earlier paid his respects at a memorial site in central Kyiv to Ukrainian soldiers who have been killed fighting pro-Russian forces since 2014.