Bamiyan’s Band-e-Amir sees boom in tourism

Band-e-Amir National Park in Bamiyan of Afghanistan is experiencing a vibrant tourism season as tourists flock to the area to enjoy its attractions.

The park, known for its beautiful lakes, is popular with visitors during the summer months of June, July, and August.

Currently, the lakes are bustling with visitors, the highest for years – including local and foreign tourists.

Many visitors said one of the main reasons for the increase in tourists was the improved security along roads leading to the park.

Mohammad Bashir, a visitor from Balkh province, expressed his satisfaction with the security along the way to the province, stating that he feels safer now than he did in the past.

However, not all businesses near Band-e Amir are benefiting from the surge in visitors. Haibat, a handicrafts seller, shared her concerns about a decline in sales.

Aziza Rasouli, who sells clothes in Bamiyan, said that despite the increased number of people visiting the area, the sales of handicrafts have decreased.

“I have been selling clothes for around eight years in the center of Bamiyan. Due to the lack of sales, I came to Band-e-Amir for a month, I have rented a tent for 45,000 Afghanis per year,” Rasouli added.

Local resident and shopkeeper Sayeed Zahir said that visitors often view the products and inquire about prices but don’t make purchases due to the widespread poverty affecting everyone.

Meanwhile, Band-e-Amir manager Zakir said that tourists can visit the magnificent lakes of Band-e-Amir without any worries, as complete security measures are in place, and travel facilities are provided.

Band-e-Amir National Park holds significant importance as the country’s first national park. Located approximately 74 kilometers north of Bamiyan province amidst the mountains, the park has six stunning lakes, including Band-e-Ghulaman, Band-e-Zulfiqar, Band-e-Panir, Band-e-Qanbar, Band-e-Pudina, and Band-e-Haibat.

The lakes, surrounded by steep rocky cliffs, offer breathtaking beauty and continue to captivate tourists throughout the year, even during the cold and snowy seasons.