Taliban to establish 27 new districts across Afghanistan

The Taliban leadership has ordered the establishment of 27 new districts across Afghanistan in order to implement development plans and address the problems of the people.

Taliban’s interior ministry said that among the districts, Kandahar’s Shah Walikot has been divided into two separate districts and their borders have been determined and the construction of government buildings has begun.

The ministry’s deputy acting minister Mohammad Nabi Omer said that the Taliban’s leader has approved the formation of the new districts based on the demands of the people.

“Since Shah Walikot is a very large and populated area, the second district was approved for it. Both old and new districts come under the Kandahar governor’s authority. The district’s border of the new district has been determined,” Omari said.

Meanwhile, the tribal elders of Shah Walikot were also satisfied with the approval of the new district by the caretaker government, stating that they will be able to share their problems with the local officials.

“People’s problems should be resolved. We must spread the love with each other, they should not be separated from each other,” said Musa Kalim, a tribal elder of Shah Walikot.

The latest development comes as residents of many districts across the country face a lack of necessary facilities including health care, agriculture, and education sectors.