Roads to Nangarhar Industrial Park need rebuilding, say investors

Investors in Nangarhar said that damaged roads have affected businesses and factories’ activities at the Industrial Park, a key business place in the country’s east.

The investors said that the roads connecting the industrial park need to be rebuilt.

“We want proper construction of the industrial park’s canalization system and the roads because graveled roads are damaged gradually due to heavy trucks traveling on them,” said Tor Malang, chairperson of the chamber of industry and mines.

Drivers and residents of the area also echoed their concerns about unpaved roads. “The road is so dusty and bumpy and damages our vehicles and meanwhile creates problems for residents,” said Mohammad Wali, a driver.

“The people are so frustrated with the issue. We travel a short distance in 30 minutes due to improper roads,” Mohammad Nazir, a resident of the area.

Taliban authorities in Nangarhar said that efforts will be made to address the issue facing investors at Nangarhar Industrial Park on the outskirts of the city of Jalalabad.

“Work on part of the road was kicked off by the national development agency but there was a slight delay in work on the project. We assure that work on the road will begin soon,” said Abdul Basir Pacha, Taliban’s head of industry and commerce office in Nangarhar.

Figures by investors show that at least 350 factories are operating at the industrial park.