Politicians react to protests against Taliban in Badakhshan

In the wake of protests against the Taliban in Badakhshan province, Afghan figures have expressed strong reaction, calling “the start of Taliban downfall”.

Amrullah Saleh, former vice president, described the demonstrations as the beginning of the Taliban’s downfall, highlighting the significance of the rebellion in Badakhshan. “This protest marks a significant display of honor by the residents of the province,” Saleh said.

Rahmatullah Nabil, former chief of intelligence, called the movement a beacon of hope for liberation from the “extremism and oppression” of the Taliban. “The people of Afghanistan, having endured the bitter oppression of the Taliban, are now determined to break free from their tyranny. They are the pioneers in the fight against the Taliban,” Nabil emphasized.

He also noted that the rebellion in the towns of Argo and Darayim recalls the historic events of March 3 in Kabul and March 17 in Herat.

Mohammad Saiqal, former Afghan ambassador to the United Nations, compared the protest to historic uprisings in Kabul and Herat, underscoring its symbolic significance.

The protests in Badakhshan continued for a second consecutive day. Reports indicate that on Saturday, Taliban forces fatally shot a protester as they attempted to disperse the demonstration.