Kazakhstan accredits Taliban diplomats, media reports say

Kazakhstan has accredited diplomats representing the Taliban government, Kazakh media reported on Tuesday, a move that comes just days after a high-ranking delegation from Kazakhstan visited Kabul with the aim of expanding economic ties with the country.

Citing Kazakh Foreign Ministry spokesman Aibek Smadiyarov, Kazakh media reported that the decision comes after a request by the Taliban.

“In response to the request of the new administration of Afghanistan for accreditation of diplomats we have made a positive decision,” Smadiyarov was cited as telling a briefing.

He reportedly added that the move does not mean the recognition of the Afghan government under the Taliban (under UN sanctions for terrorist activities).

Following the collapse of the previous government in Afghanistan, its embassies have stopped representing the country abroad, creating a difficult situation, which Kazakhstan wants to help the Afghan people resolve, Kazakh Foreign Ministry spokesman stated.

“First of all, I want to remind [you of] the words of the head of state that we will not leave Afghanistan on its own with current difficulties,” the spokesman was cited as saying.

Kazakhstan supports a “united, thriving Afghanistan,” he added.

So far, at least six countries have accepted Taliban diplomats, including Iran, in Afghanistan’s diplomatic offices abroad.