Afghanistan: Four killed in last two days

At least four people have been killed in various incidents in Panjshir, Kunduz and Ghor provinces over the past two days.

In one incident, the body of a tribal elder, Ahmad Khan Rasuli, and his son was found in Feroz Koh city in Ghor province on Monday.

Rasuli was arrested by the Taliban in Al Farooq district in Ghor nearly two months ago, two of his relatives said but wished not to be named in this report.

Their bodies were handed to their family in Feroz Koh city on Monday.

Their relatives accused the Taliban of killing the tribal elder and his son.

Khan was a tribal elder in his area and had joined the Taliban in 2020, a year before the group took power in Afghanistan.


In another incident, Qari Abdul Hadi, the assistant of an imam at a mosque in Kunduz, was killed in an attack by armed men on Kah Froshi street in the city of Kunduz at around 3 am on Saturday, sources from the province confirmed.

Hadi had a usual class for children in the area. His relatives said he was killed over personal enmity.

There were reports about Hadi being an imam at a battalion of the former army forces under the previous government’s, but his relatives said he was a civilian.


Shamsullah, a former army officer, was arrested by the Taliban last week on Thursday. His body was handed over to his family on Monday.

His relatives said that the Taliban has told them that Shamsullah had hanged himself.

But his family said they had seen signs of torture on his body that show he was tortured while in Taliban custody.

A teacher in Jawzjan

The family of a teacher in Jawzjan province said that Mohammad Yusuf was arrested by the Taliban in May along with three of his friends.

The family of the teacher said that his friends were released after paying money to the Taliban, but Yusuf remained in custody.

They said that Yusuf had taught in Abu Zar Ghafari in the Darzab district for 15 years and had a money exchange shop where he would go in his free time.

His family said that they had been searching for him for the past six months, but the Taliban was giving them different responses.

“After six months, they succeeded in speaking with a Taliban court in Jawzjan where they said that Yusuf was sent to Kabul for treatment five months ago where he passed away and was buried in Kabul,” said a relative who wished not to be named.

The source said that Yusuf’s family wanted to open the grave but they were not allowed by the Taliban.

Taliban is accused of dozens of extrajudicial killings of former government officials, former military personnel and civilians but the group has rejected reports on such incidents by the UN and other international organizations.