Taliban flogs two individuals in Kandahar for forgery

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Taliban flogged two individuals on charges of “forging fake documents” in the southern province of Kandahar on Wednesday, according to the Taliban-run Supreme Court.

In the past two weeks, Taliban has publicly lashed at least 38 people across various provinces.

The court’s statement revealed that each individual received 39 lashes. However, the statement did not provide further details about the individuals or specify whether the punishment was administered in public.

Since taking over Afghanistan, the Taliban has implemented corporal punishment on hundreds of people, including executions.

Human rights organizations, including the United Nations and Amnesty International, have repeatedly condemned the Taliban’s use of corporal punishment, citing concerns over the lack of access to a fair trial within the Taliban’s judicial system.

Taliban has punished at least 38 people, including a woman, in public over the past two weeks across various provinces.