Mirziyoyev: Afghanistan not in global focus

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan has remarked on the shifting global focus away from Afghanistan. Speaking at the Informal Summit of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) in Shusha, he reaffirmed Uzbekistan’s commitment to supporting Afghanistan and called for coordinated efforts to address the nation’s challenges amid ongoing global conflicts.

Mirziyoyev highlighted the diminishing international attention to Afghanistan due to the rise in conflicts elsewhere.

“Unfortunately, due to the intensification of wars and conflicts in other regions of the world, the situation in neighboring Afghanistan, where millions of Turkic people live, has fallen out of the international community’s attention,” he said.

Emphasizing Uzbekistan’s dedication, Mirziyoyev asserted, “Uzbekistan will continue to provide necessary assistance to the Afghan people.” He also stressed the importance of economic measures, particularly the return of Afghanistan’s frozen financial assets. “We believe that the return of Afghanistan’s frozen financial assets abroad will help alleviate the social situation in the country,” he stated.

Mirziyoyev called for a unified approach among OTS member states. “In the new realities, the issue of developing common and unified approaches by the Organization’s member states regarding Afghanistan should become the main agenda of our foreign ministers’ negotiations,” he urged.

Connecting the day’s discussions to the broader objectives of the OTS, Mirziyoyev remarked, “All the proposals and initiatives put forward today are in line with the essence and content of the Concept ‘Turkic Vision – 2040’ and the five-year strategy of the Organization of Turkic States adopted in Samarkand.” Expressing support for a key declaration at the summit, he added, “We fully support the signing of the Karabakh Declaration, included in the agenda of today’s forum.”