Nearly 12,000 Afghan migrants deported by Pakistan, Iran in four days

Afghan migrants returning from Pakistan. File photo.

Nearly 12,000 Afghan migrants have been deported by Pakistan and Iran over the past four days, according to the Taliban-run Ministry of Refugees.

The ministry stated that 11,997 Afghan migrants returned to the country during this period, with some reportedly leaving Iran voluntarily. According to the ministry’s statement, 1,352 migrants returned from Pakistan and 10,645 from Iran.

The statement detailed the entry points: 781 migrants returned via the Torkham crossing, and 571 through Spin Boldak. Meanwhile, 7,125 migrants entered the country through the Islam Qala border in Herat, and 3,520 returned through the Pul-e Abrisham border in Nimroz.

This development comes as Pakistan has initiated the deportation of 800,000 Afghan migrants as part of its repatriation policies.