Women’s rights movement urges UN to halt ‘brokerage’ for Taliban

The Purple Saturdays Movement has accused the United Nations of acting as a “political broker” for the Taliban, calling for the suspension of the U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

The movement alleged that UNAMA has been whitewashing the Taliban’s actions. “Provision of opportunities to the Taliban by the U.N. is a devilish trick to deceive the people of Afghanistan,” the statement reads.

Female protesters affiliated with the Purple Saturdays movement emphasized that the Taliban has shown no signs of change during its nearly three-year rule in Afghanistan. They highlighted ongoing violations of women’s and girls’ rights, describing themselves as victims of the Taliban’s “discrimination and oppression.”

“The Taliban has shown in nearly three years that it is unchangeable; however, the United Nations, at the request of the Taliban and the exclusion of women at the Doha meeting, is trying to facilitate its engagement with the international community,” the statement continues. The movement also called on Qatar to cease its support for the Taliban.

Since the Taliban’s rise to power, the U.N. has noted that it has issued over 50 decrees directly and indirectly impacting the women and girls of Afghanistan.