Taliban publicly flogs three in Badghis, Panjshir

BADGHIS, Afghanistan — Taliban publicly flogged three individuals in the western province of Badghis and the central province of Panjshir on Tuesday, according to Taliban statements.

A Taliban statement revealed that two individuals were lashed in Badghis on charges of “adultery.” The Taliban-run Supreme Court stated that each individual received 15 lashes.

The statement indicated that the sentence was issued by the Taliban’s city court in the province and was carried out following the Supreme Court’s approval.

Additionally, Taliban publicly flogged another individual in Panjshir province on Tuesday, July 2, on charges of theft.

The Taliban-run Supreme Court reported that this individual received 25 lashes in the Dara district.

Taliban statements did not disclose the identities of those punished.

Human rights organizations as well as the United Nations have repeatedly criticized corporal punishments in Afghanistan by the Taliban. They have said that the Taliban mete out punishments without providing the accused access to legal representation and without adhering to the rule of law.