Doha meeting: Iran envoy hopes for inclusive government in Afghanistan

DOHA, Qatar – Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan, on Sunday said he is attending the Doha meeting with the hope that it would contribute to the establishment of an “inclusive government” in Afghanistan.

Qomi stated that the Iranian delegation’s participation aims to “express Tehran’s concerns about Afghanistan” and to outline Iran’s humanitarian policies.

He emphasized that the complex situation in the region requires comprehensive consultations with all parties involved.

Expressing his hopes for the outcome of the Doha meeting, Qomi said it could help alleviate the suffering of the Afghan people and lead to the formation of a government that reflects the will of the people without foreign interference.

Meanwhile, the Taliban-controlled Afghan embassy in Qatar announced that their delegation arrived late last night to attend the Doha meeting.

The meeting, hosted by the United Nations in Qatar, is set to commence in a few hours and will include over 30 representatives from various countries and organizations.

However, discussions with representatives of Afghan women, civil activists, and human rights advocates, as well as the issue of women’s rights in Afghanistan, are not on the main agenda for this meeting.