Former UK prime minister urges global unity for Afghan girls’ education

Marking 1,000 days since the Taliban banned girls from attending school beyond the sixth grade, former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called on the international community to unite in demanding that the Taliban ensure the fundamental rights of Afghan girls.

Brown expressed deep concern over the irreparable loss of education for Afghan girls. “Afghan girls have now lost 1,000 days of education that they can never retrieve or bring back,” he noted on X, formerly known as Twitter. “It’s time the whole world united to demand that the Taliban deliver every girl’s basic human right.”

Thursday, June 13, 2024, marked the 1,000th day of deprivation for girls above grade six from attending school.

In interviews with Amu, many girls and human rights activists urged the international community, particularly the participants of the upcoming Doha meeting focused on Afghanistan, to prioritize female education in their discussions.