Iranian envoy stresses inclusivity in Afghanistan

The Iranian special envoy for Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, emphasized the need for inclusivity in Afghanistan, asserting that the country belongs to all its people.

Speaking at a gathering of Afghan refugees in Iran to mourn the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Qomi said Iran has conveyed to the Taliban the importance of an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

“We have explicitly stated that Afghanistan belongs to all Afghans, and if we want to avoid returning to the conditions of Bonn, we must pay attention to this issue,” Qomi was quoted by ISNA. “While interacting with the new rulers in Afghanistan, we also offer our consultations. A government composed of competent individuals from all ethnic groups can be the key to political stability and the beginning of reconstruction in Afghanistan, and the Islamic Republic is pursuing this policy.”

Qomi revealed that two million refugees from Afghanistan came to Iran after the collapse of the former Afghan government. He argued that the waves of refugees entering Iran were managed properly despite the country’s security and economic challenges.

The Iranian envoy urged the refugees in Iran to consider their role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

“I want to tell my Afghan sisters and brothers, to the brothers who were forced to migrate due to compulsion and the imposition of two occupations: let us not forget that you, the migrants of today, have a responsibility regarding the position of Islam in the new world order,” he added. “You need to see where Afghanistan’s place is in it. Migrants must pay attention to this issue.”

Qomi pointed to U.S. interference in Afghanistan’s political affairs through “sponsoring Daesh” and claimed, “Today, the Americans are committing more malevolence in Afghanistan than they did before.”