Qatar delegation asks Taliban to ‘protect human rights’ in Afghanistan

Qatar’s State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mohammed bin Abdulaziz bin Saleh Al Khulaifi, urged Taliban officials to protect human rights in Afghanistan and support the Afghan people’s right to live in dignity, according to a statement by Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Al Khulaifi met separately in Kabul on Thursday, May 23, with Taliban Deputy Chief Ministers Abdul Ghani Baradar, Abdul Kabir, and Abdul Salam Hanafi, as well as Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi, Taliban Defense Minister Yaqoub Mujahid, and Taliban Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani, the ministry said.

The meetings discussed the latest developments in Afghanistan, particularly in the political, humanitarian, development, and security fields, the ministry said.

During the meetings, Al Khulaifi emphasized Qatar’s belief in dialogue as a means to resolve crises in Afghanistan. He advocated for constructive cooperation with the international community by involving the caretaker government in international discussions to find sustainable solutions that promote security and stability in the country.

Al Khulaifi expressed satisfaction with the progress made in Afghanistan in combating terrorism, corruption, and drug trafficking. He stressed the importance of continued cooperation within Afghan society to address these issues.

The Taliban, in a statement, said the Qatari delegation invited them to attend the upcoming Doha meeting on Afghanistan scheduled for next month. Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not commented on this matter.

Al Khulaifi reiterated Qatar’s call for the Afghan caretaker government to make all efforts to achieve comprehensive national reconciliation, protect human rights, support the Afghan people’s right to live in dignity, and promote social peace among all communities.

He announced Qatar’s intention to build a specialized hospital for women and children in Afghanistan, equipped with the latest medical devices to provide high-quality health services. He added that Qatar will continue to support health sector infrastructure across various provinces of Afghanistan.

Al Khulaifi reaffirmed Qatar’s commitment to supporting the Afghan people, particularly in health, education, and humanitarian and development aid. He highlighted that the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) had signed an agreement with the World Health Organization to support basic health services in 11 provinces. Additionally, the QFFD and the Education Above All (EAA) Foundation are cooperating with the Afghan Ministry of Education to support 30,000 young men and women not enrolled in primary schools.

As part of its ongoing support for Afghanistan, Qatar recently provided humanitarian aid to those affected by floods in Baghlan province. This aid included food, medical supplies, shelter, and ambulances, the statement said.