Floods in northern Afghanistan affect 60,000 people: OCHA

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported that at least 60,000 people have been affected by recent floods in the provinces of Baghlan, Badakhshan, and Takhar.

Citing the Taliban-run refugee ministry, OCHA revealed that nearly 350 people have died in these floods while over 1,500 others have been injured.

According to OCHA’s findings based on figures from the Taliban-run refugee ministry, approximately 7,800 homes have been confirmed as either destroyed or damaged, leaving over 5,000 families displaced across the three provinces.

“In addition to damage and destruction to roads, bridges, health facilities, and public schools, agricultural land and livestock have been lost,” OCHA said.

Moreover, a UN Development Programme regional official in northwest Afghanistan said: “We have seen destroyed houses, schools, and hospitals, so people lost their livelihoods. Children, as you can see, cannot go to school.”

Meanwhile, the flood-affected people are struggling with deteriorating conditions and have not yet been provided with shelters.

The floods have affected most people in Baghlan province.

“I have four married sons and we are five families with 26 members. Nothing is left for me. I have not suffered human losses, but financially, the flood has taken everything,” said Sayed Alam, a resident of Baghlan province.

“All my house was submerged in the floodwaters,” said Sima, another resident of Baghlan province.

Many residents have lost everything in the floods and now lack access to basic needs.

“There is no water, no food. The wheat, flour, and appliances are under water. There is not even a rug to spread under our feet,” said Abdullah, a vulnerable person.

The recent floods have left thousands of families without shelter, struggling to live in open areas. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Aviation and Transportation, under the Taliban, warned of heavy rainfall and floods in 13 provinces on Thursday and Friday.