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Afghanistan: Heavy rainfall, flooding threaten ancient minaret in Ghor

Recent rains and flooding in Ghor province have increased the risk of collapse for the historic Minaret of Jam, residents told Amu.

Residents stated that the recent rains have damaged the ancient minaret. According to them, some of the minaret’s decorative elements have fallen off, and its internal structure has also been compromised.

They warned of the minaret’s complete destruction if immediate attention is not given to the issue.

The Minaret of Jam is the second-tallest brick minaret in the world. The historical minaret, which reflects the ancient history and culture of Afghanistan, has suffered significant damage due to recent rains and floods.

“Every day, at least four or five pieces of the minaret’s decorative elements fall off, and the cracks inside the minaret have increased. Any organization that can restore this minaret should do it soon,” said Ghulam Haidar, a resident of Ghor.

The minaret presents an astonishing view, situated in the middle of the river, but the waves coupled with floods have exacerbated the damage.

According to the residents of Ghor, the recent floods have damaged the historical minaret more than ever before. They argued that the possibility of its complete destruction is imminent if attention is not brought to the situation.

“The condition of the Minaret of Jam is deteriorating; when we visited today, it was in a very bad state. Over the past few years, no attention has been given to this historical monument,” said Jamshid Nouri, a resident of Ghor.

“The Minaret of Jam is one of our historical monuments. It is our national treasure, and unfortunately, it is facing the risk of collapse due to the floods,” said Mullah Ghulam Ghaus, another resident of Ghor.

Attention to the historical Minaret of Jam, one of the country’s valuable historical structures, has been neglected by governments for a long time.

“In 1954, during the government of Daoud Khan, this minaret was examined, and it was determined that it had been bent by 25 degrees. Firm promises were made to restore the minaret, but unfortunately, all the governors in Ghor have neglected it, and we are disappointed,” said Abdul Hameed, a resident of Ghor.

The Minaret of Jam was built in the 12th century during the reign of Sultan Ghiyath al-Din Ghori as a symbol of the Ghori Empire’s power in the Jam area of Shahrak district, Ghor province. The minaret is the second-tallest brick minaret after the Qutb Minar in India, also built by the Ghuri empire. The Jam Minaret was registered with UNESCO in 2002.