Jenin lockdown: Israeli raid enters second day, eight Palestinians dead

All shops in Jenin were closed, and streets were almost empty on Wednesday, May 22, due to an Israeli raid.

The raid by Israeli forces has been ongoing for two days. Eight Palestinians have been killed since it started, according to witnesses and Palestinian health authorities.

The Israeli military said the operation targeted armed militants in Jenin, a longstanding center for militant groups including Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad. The military reported that several Palestinian gunmen were shot.

The West Bank, which Palestinians want as the core of a future independent state along with Gaza, has seen a surge in violence since the war in Gaza started last year. This surge has included a major crackdown by Israeli security forces, who have made thousands of arrests.

In the seven months since the start of the war, hundreds of Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Many were armed militants fighting Israeli forces, but others included stone-throwing youths and uninvolved civilians. Several have also been killed in clashes with Israeli settlers.

During the same period, Palestinians have killed more than a dozen Israelis.