Taliban publicly flog 10 people in Paktika, Nimroz

File photo from a public flogging incident in the central Parwan province. 2022.

KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban publicly flogged 10 people in Paktika and Nimroz provinces on charges of theft.

According to a statement from the Taliban’s Supreme Court, two individuals in Paktika were each given 30 lashes and sentenced to one year in prison for theft.

The court also reported that eight people were flogged on Monday in Nimroz, receiving between 15 and 30 lashes for theft.

The Taliban did not provide details about the identities of the accused.

Previously, the Taliban had sentenced a man in Bamyan to 39 lashes and two years in prison for drinking and possessing alcohol at home.

In the nearly two years since their return to power, the Taliban have publicly flogged hundreds of people in various provinces for a range of offenses.