Taliban confirms higher casualties in Bamiyan attack

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban-run interior ministry spokesman, Abdul Matin Qanay, confirmed that six people, including three Afghan nationals and three foreigners, were killed in gunmen attack in Bamiyan on Friday, May 17.

Earlier sources informed Amu that at least seven people, including four foreigners, were killed in the incident.

Qanay stated that three Afghan civilians and four foreign tourists were wounded in the attack. He added that seven perpetrators have been arrested in connection to the incident.

“In the capital of Bamyan yesterday, unknown gunmen attacked common people, in which unfortunately, three Afghan citizens and three foreigners were killed,” Qanay said in a video clip.

The spokesman noted that the wounded have been transferred to Kabul and are in good health, while the corpses have been taken for forensic examination.

Bamiyan is one of Afghanistan’s main tourist sites, known for its historic places dating back thousands of years.