US understands importance of Chabahar Port for humanitarian aid: India

NEW DELHI — The U.S. recognizes the significance of Chabahar Port in facilitating humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, according to Randhir Jaiswal, spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs.

Speaking at a weekly press conference, Jaiswal emphasized that the port has enabled India to provide substantial humanitarian aid to Afghanistan since 2018.

“The United States also understands the importance of Chabahar Port, our continued humanitarian supplies to Afghanistan, and the need to provide Afghanistan with economic alternatives,” Jaiswal said.

Jaiswal noted that Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar has recently discussed the matter in several forums. “He [Jaishankar] said we should not take a narrow view of this project. It plays an important role in regional connectivity, especially for the landlocked countries in the area,” Jaiswal quoted.

Since 2018, India has sent over 85,000 metric tons of wheat, 200 metric tons of pulses, and 40,000 liters of the pesticide malathion to Afghanistan through Chabahar Port, Jaiswal added.

Referring to meetings between the Russian and Indian special envoys on Afghanistan, Jaiswal stated that the two sides discussed the situation on the ground and emphasized the continuation of humanitarian assistance to the country.

India’s embassy in Afghanistan is not fully operational; however, a technical team remains active in the Kabul embassy.