Afghanistan: Floods block major routes in Badakhshan

The Baharak-Faizabad roads, which connects 10 districts to Badakhshan’s capital, has been closed due to flooding, Taliban local officials said Saturday.

Zabiullah Amiri, the Taliban head of information and culture in Badakhshan, stated that floods hit Abchak village in the Arghanchkhwah district near Baharak.

The road is a crucial link between 10 districts and the capital, Faizabad. According to Amiri, commuting has been halted between Baharak, Jurm, Yamgan, Keran wa Munjan, Shohada, Wardoj, Ashkasham, Wakhan, Shighnan, and Faizabad.

Residents of Ghor have also suffered significant financial losses due to floods that have affected several areas of the province, according to a Taliban-run media news agency.

In recent weeks, several hundred people have died in floods, particularly in northern Afghanistan’s Baghlan province. The floods have also destroyed and damaged thousands of houses.