Afghanistan loses UN voting rights due to unpaid dues

UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations announced this week that Afghanistan has lost its voting rights in the General Assembly due to unpaid membership dues and failure to provide reasonable explanations for the non-payment.

Afghanistan’s representative to the UN was unable to provide necessary and logical reasons for the country’s failure to pay its dues, according to reports.

According to a list published by the UN, Afghanistan, Comoros, Ecuador, Sao Tome and Principe, Somalia, and Venezuela have not paid their UN membership dues for the past two years.

However, Comoros, Ecuador and Somalia were exempted from this rule after providing justifications, while Afghanistan and Venezuela were stripped of their voting rights due to inadequate explanations.

Some experts argue that Afghanistan had sufficient reasons for non-payment compared to other countries on the list.

They attribute the loss of voting rights to the previous government’s representative’s lack of effort at the UN.

Afghanistan’s loss of voting rights comes amid ongoing disputes over the country’s UN seat for nearly three years. Taliban has repeatedly requested the UN seat, but these requests have been denied.