Taliban hold ‘joint meeting’ with UN, international aid organizations

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban-run Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday a joint meeting between the Taliban, the United Nations, and international aid organizations based in Afghanistan.

According to a statement posted on X by Zia Ahmad Takal, deputy spokesperson for the Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting focused on “the needs of the Afghan people,” the Taliban’s priorities, UN aid provided last year, and enhancing coordination among the parties.

In addition to aid officials, representatives from various United Nations agencies, OCHA, WFP, UNDP, UNICEF, UN Habitat, FAO, UNHCR, UNESCO, ILO, UNFPA, WHO, UNODC, international organizations, including IRC, INTERSOS, NRC, ACBAR, DACAAR, ACF, and senior private sector representatives attended, according to the Taliban.

The statement noted that discussions covered the needs of the Afghan people, the Taliban’s priorities in various sectors, the aid provided by the United Nations over the past year, future plans, and fostering understanding and coordination between the sides.

Taliban said the meeting concluded with agreements to urgently address the needs of citizens affected by natural disasters, particularly recent floods, to maintain and increase the spirit of cooperation and coordination, to transition from humanitarian aid to development aid, and to establish technical mechanisms for detailed discussions on these topics.