Two deminers killed in explosion in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan province, NGO reports

URUZGAN, Afghanistan — Two deminers employed by The HALO Trust, a non-governmental organization, were killed in an explosion in Uruzgan province in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday, May 14.

The incident occurred Tuesday morning in the Tirin Kot district while the deminers were clearing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) intended to protect local communities, The HALO Trust stated.

“The blast killed one colleague directly, and the second died from his injuries while being airlifted to the hospital,” the organization reported.

Following the incident, demining operations in the area have been suspended, and an investigation has been initiated in accordance with international practices concerning conflict zones.

The HALO Trust reaffirmed its commitment to supporting communities affected by conflict around the world.

Unexploded ordnance and other explosives which have remained from conflicts claim dozens of lives in Afghanistan every year, especially children.