Taliban detains 22 protesters in Badakhshan, say sources

FAIZABAD, Afghanistan — Sources from Badakhshan have confirmed that Taliban detained 22 protesters from Barlas village in Argu district and transported them by helicopter to the provincial capital, Faizabad.

According to these sources, injuries from the protest have now increased to 20. Earlier, it was reported that three individuals had died following Taliban gunfire at protesters in the same village.

During the second round of protests in Badakhshan, sources noted that Taliban actions against demonstrators had intensified.

“Three to five were killed, and more than 15 were injured. These individuals were defending their honor, land, and property, and all are considered martyrs,” Mohammad Reza Hashemi, head of the Badakhshan Residents Association, said.

Local reports highlight a significant public backing for the protests in Badakhshan, with some calling for an uprising alongside the people of Badakhshan on social media, and groups like the Afghan Women’s Voice Movement launching support campaigns, describing the protests as “a stand against tyranny.”

Qadriya Rezayi, from the Afghan Women’s Voice Movement, said: “We declare our support for the people of Badakhshan and call on all Afghans to stand with them.”

A member of the Afghan Women’s Voice Movement added, “The courage shown by the people of Badakhshan has broken the spell of fear of the Taliban. All of us, men and women of Afghanistan, announce our support for the people of Badakhshan.”

This marks the second wave of public protests in Badakhshan in nearly two weeks, which have been suppressed by the Taliban. Sources reported that in the first round of protests, individuals named Nizamuddin in Daryaim district and Abdul Basit in Argu district were killed by Taliban fire, with another 15 people injured.