Political groups criticize Taliban’s response to flood crisis in Afghanistan

Political and military movements have criticized the Taliban’s lack of a “legitimate and accountable government” for worsening the plight of those affected by recent floods in Afghanistan.

The Jamiat-e Islamic party issued a statement urging international aid organizations, traders, the Afghan diaspora, and philanthropists to provide urgent aid to the flood victims.

The Freedom Front also criticized the Taliban, stating that the group lacks the capability to manage disasters and natural incidents. In a statement, the Front accused the Taliban of neglecting its responsibilities towards affected individuals and of imposing systematic coercion and discrimination, further isolating the country.

Additionally, the statement highlighted challenges faced by international humanitarian organizations and relief agencies, alleging that the Taliban’s restrictions have hindered their efforts to deliver immediate assistance.

Former chairman of the High Peace Council, Abdullah Abdullah, echoed these calls for urgent assistance from aid agencies for the flood victims in various provinces.

The appeals come as residents in multiple provinces have voiced concerns over the lack of emergency assistance and apparent neglect of their needs. In response, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has urged the public to help their “fellow citizens” affected by the floods.

According to UN data, over 300 people died in floods last Friday in Baghlan province alone. Local Taliban officials also reported that floods in Herat killed at least three people, including a child, and another 20 in Takhar.