Daesh claims responsibility for bombing in Badakhshan

FAIZABAD, Afghanistan — Daesh has claimed responsibility for a bombing that killed three Taliban members in northeastern Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province. The attack targeted a Taliban patrol involved in an anti-poppy crop campaign.

According to Daesh, a booby-trapped motorcycle exploded in Faizabad, killing and injuring 12 members of the patrol and destroying a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Taliban said the attack killed three of its members and wounded five others.

Abdul Mateen Qani, a spokesman for the Taliban Interior Ministry, said the officers were en route to destroy poppy crops when the attack occurred.

Daesh’s affiliate in Afghanistan has been responsible for attacks on schools, hospitals, mosques, and Shiite areas across the country.

In March, the group claimed a suicide bomber detonated an explosive belt among Taliban members gathered near a Kandahar bank to collect their salaries.

Protests erupted in Badakhshan last Friday after a man was fatally shot by the Taliban in Darayum district. Another death occurred during a protest in Argo district on Saturday.