Rafah residents respond to Israel’s stance on ceasefire proposal

Displaced Palestinians in Rafah expressed disappointment over Israel’s stance regarding the ceasefire proposal.

On Monday, Israel downplayed the likelihood of a ceasefire in Gaza, even after Hamas accepted a proposal from mediators.

This development came as residents fled Rafah, fearing an imminent Israeli assault.

Earlier on Monday, Israel conducted airstrikes in Rafah and instructed Palestinians to evacuate parts of the city. Over a million people displaced by the seven-month conflict are now crowded in these areas, facing unsanitary conditions that have led to the spread of diseases, including diarrhea.

The evacuation order raised concerns about a potential full-scale assault in Rafah, a threat long made by Israel against the remnants of the Palestinian militant group Hamas. This follows an attack by Hamas on Oct. 7, which resulted in 1,200 deaths in southern Israel and the capture of 252 hostages, as per Israeli authorities.

According to health officials in the Hamas-controlled region, Israel’s extensive retaliatory actions have resulted in over 34,000 Palestinian deaths. The ongoing conflict has devastated much of Gaza, leaving residents without safe shelter and limited resources.