Afghanistan: Over 1,000 families displaced by floods in Ghor province

More than 1,000 families in Ghor province have been displaced and are now living in open areas after floods devastated several parts of the region.

According to a statement from the Taliban Ministry of Refugees, the floods completely destroyed 562 houses and partially damaged 303 others in the Balamorghab district.

The ministry’s statement also noted that agricultural lands, power poles, trees, and gardens were destroyed, and routes among the district’s villages have been closed. Further financial losses are anticipated following a more comprehensive assessment after paths to the villages are reopened.

While the ministry did not provide specific details on the number of casualties, a statement on Sunday mentioned that the floods resulted in one death and several injuries.

However, reports suggest that the actual number of casualties may be higher than what has been officially reported by the Taliban.

On Sunday, May 5, local sources said that floods and lightning strikes over the past two days have resulted in 15 fatalities across the provinces of Herat, Uruzgan, and Ghor.