Kabul-based pharmaceutical company exports 1.08 million bottles of serum to Iraq

A Kabul-based pharmaceutical company, Mili Shafa Pharmaceutical, has exported 1.08 million battles of serum valued at $580,000 to Iraq, the company announced at an event in Kabul on Monday.

Founded in 2019 with an initial investment of $10 million, the company has recently increased its investment to $20 million.

At a ceremony celebrating the first shipment of serum to Arabic nations, Nisar Ahmad Tarakai, the company’s head, highlighted that Afghanistan now offers favorable investment opportunities.

Abdul Bari Omar, the Taliban head of the Afghanistan Food and Drug Authority, speaking at the same event, claimed that before the Taliban’s takeover, 90% of medicine was imported illegally into Afghanistan.

He asserted that the Taliban has now legalized 80% of the country’s medicine imports.

Additionally, Khairullah Khairkhwah, the Taliban’s minister of information and culture, encouraged Afghan citizens to invest in the country.

Despite these developments, high tariffs and taxes imposed by Taliban-run institutions, along with restrictions in Afghanistan’s banking system, continue to pose significant challenges for business operations in the country.