National Resistance Council lauds Badakhshan protests as ‘spontaneous movement’

The National Resistance Council, a political movement, has characterized the anti-Taliban protests in Badakhshan as a “spontaneous movement of the people.”

In a statement, the council warned that this uprising will not be confined to one province and is a result of the people’s conscience, which will lead to widespread rebellion throughout the country.

The protests began on Friday after Taliban forces entered into a dispute with residents of Qarloq village in Darayim district of the province. At least one person was killed and several others were injured when the Taliban opened fire on the residents.

Reports indicate that the scope of these protests expanded to the Argo district of Badakhshan, where dozens gathered on Saturday to protest against the Taliban, chanting anti-Taliban slogans.

Sources said that the protests continued until Sunday, May 5, in enclosed locations such as mosques.

Some protesters have expressed their demand for the “expulsion” of the Taliban from their areas.