Over 74,000 migrants returned to Afghanistan in one week: IOM


The International Organization for Migration reported that 74,291 migrants have returned to Afghanistan from April 21-27. According to IOM’s data, 43,176 migrants came from Iran and 31,115 from Pakistan.

Refugees from Pakistan re-entered through the Torkham, Ghulam Khan, and Spin Boldak crossings, while those from Iran used the Islam Qala and Milak border crossings.

The data also indicated an outflow of 43,422 Afghans to Iran and Pakistan during the same period. The breakdown shows 24,348 went to Iran and 19,074 to Pakistan.

Of the returnees from Iran, 6% held valid passports, 2% had valid visas, 18% possessed a Hamayesh card, 1% a Hoshmand card, 56% a valid Tazkira, and 36% had no documents. Meanwhile, returnees from Pakistan included 7% with POR cards, 27% with valid passports, 24% with valid visas, 65% with valid Tazkira, 3% with ACC cards, and 25% with no documents. This influx of returnees comes as Pakistan and Iran have recently intensified crackdowns on Afghan refugees, resulting in the daily deportation of dozens of families.